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Rack of Lamb

grilled lamb ribs,mint sauce

25,000 UGX

Grilled Chicken Breast

pan fried chicken in mashroom sause

25,000 UGX

Steaky sesame chicken wings

steaky sauce,topped with sesame seeds

25,000 UGX

20,000 UGX

Chicken Stir Fry

strips of chicken,julien of vegetables with a touch of oyester sauce

25,000 UGX

Sesame Legends Spare Ribs

pork spare ribs glazed with BBQ sauce

22,000 UGX

Chicken Lollipops

crumbled,buttered chicken wings

20,000 UGX

Pork Chops

tender chops glazed with BBQ sauce

25,000 UGX

35,000 UGX

Fish Fillet English Style

fish fillet crumbled,buttered,deep fried

22,000 UGX

Stuffed chicken drum sticks

crumbed drumsticks stuffed with vegetables

25,000 UGX

Grilled Mushrooms / Pepper Steak

mushrooms,pepper steak

30,000 UGX

Chicken Curry

chicken cubes in spicy sauce

25,000 UGX